Hamont Grill Destroyed By Fire

I heard that the Haymont Grill had been gutted by fire this morning.

20160410_082705I’ve lived and worked in Fayetteville, NC for 21 years.  For about 15 of those years I lived in a small apartment complex just about 3 blocks from the restaurant.  But, in all that time, I only ate twice at the Hamont.  And, if I had my way, I would have only eaten there once.  After having an exceptionally poor experience my first visit, I told myself I would not go back.  But one day, I was riding with a friend of mine, and as we came to the restaurant, he suggested we eat there, because he had heard good things about it.

I told him of my bad experience, but said since he was driving we could go there.  My second visit was as poor as the first and between the two visits I have only left a penny tip.  And, I tell folks that I had overtipped for the service I received.

First visit, all the waitresses stood against one wall and talked amongst themselves.  One of the visits, I was supposed to get a cornbread muffin, but because they were out, I was brought a stale blueberry muffin.  I ended up digging out the soft middle and leaving the rest.  But, you don’t want a desert muffin with a savory meal.  Failed to ask if I needed a drink refill, and even had an attitude when my friend called her back to request she refill my tea.  She actually gave a “harumpf” sign as if he was asking a burden.  She brought the glass back brimming to the top with tea which she sat down before me.  My friend enjoyed his chocolate desert and when we left, I left a penny tip and the untouched full glass of tea.

It could have gone another thousand years and I would not have returned to eat at the Haymount Grill.

If they are giving others good service and food, I wish them the best, but they are bottom of the barrel with how they treated me.