Lunch at the Southern Sizzler in Whiteville, NC


I had lunch at the Southern Sizzler Restaurant in Whiteville, North Carolina yesterday (Sunday, April 10, 2016).  I had passed this restaurant on other visits to Whiteville because it always seemed busy, but today, I was a little early for the Church Crowd (about 11:30 am).

The Buffet with unsweet tea came to a little over $13.

They have good food, attentive waitresses, and a country diner atmosphere.

I sampled several items including pork ribs, meatloaf, breaded pork chop, fried chicken (wing), fried shrimp, turnips, butter beans, green beans and salt pork rind.  The only thing that wasn’t up to par was the cabbage slaw.  It was much like what I had fixed in the past before I took note of a trick that Mary Ann uses to fix her slaw.  She cuts up the cabbage roughly, puts it in a blender “with water” and then blends it.  Without the water the slaw becomes too fine and almost mushy.  Drain off the water after the slaw is chopped and add some sweetner and Dukes Mayo.

20160410_120535I enjoyed it all and went back for a few more turnips and another pork rib.  The ribs would have been better if the sauce had been cooked into the meat, but the meat was good, and the sauce had good flavor.

I had a little of two of the deserts, including some banana pudding and a lemon cake something.  Both good.

I used sweetner in the unsweet tea.  It was cold, and the waitress brought me a glass of ice with a tea refill.

I enjoyed the food here and would like to come back sometime.