Spring Vacation

The parentheses of this vacation was that I food poisoned myself the first Saturday and am almost well now, the following Sunday.

The highlight of my vacation was Wednesday lunch.  I was heading to Asheville and stopped at “Sticks and Stones” in Greensboro, NC and ordered a small pizza.  There was a parking space right up front and there were just a few people inside & out.

The pizza had a distinctive flavor, I think it was the tomatoes.  I added bacon and red onion as I didn’t want to test my digestive system too much.   “To Be The One” Classic Margherita style pie with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, parmesan and fresh basil.

The waitress had a nose ring.  She was friendly and attentive.

I stopped in Statesville for three purposes.  I see that they have closed a long-time available ramp off the Interstate.

I found a First Citizens and went it.  When I walked in, there was no one in sight.  Then a teller popped out of what may have been an alcove for the drive-thru.  I finished filling out my check and gave it to the teller.  She was friendly and allowed me to tell some of my stories, and she shared a bank robbery item herself.

I then drove around and found what I thought was the main Post Office.  The letters, in gold, said “Post Office and Courthouse” I think.  I parked and walked around front to go inside.  As I am walking up the steps I start to read a sign with a gun on it.  “No firearms allowed.”  I thought that strange.  I opened the door and as I started to enter, I see an “FBI-type,” dressed man approaching me.  There was a sensor walk-thru device, but I didn’t make it there.

Seems, this is no longer a Post Office, but a Bankruptcy Court.  The officer was personable and directed me to the nearest mailboxes.

I think it was Walgreens that I went to, to purchase “adult” diapers.  I bought a package of these because I did not want to accidentally soil the motel sheets/bed.

I stayed at the Quality Inn on the east side of Asheville.  I had stayed there before and the room was small but comfortable.

Let me say that adult diapers are not very sexy, especially when they are worn by an old fat man.