It Ain’t Barbecue Chicken!

I was listening to a promotional video by our chancellor today and he started to talk about the Agora Project and then he reeled off the words that made up the acronym.  My mind was walking through the first letters of the words, and I said to myself, “Those words don’t spell out AGORA!”  I thought, “Maybe I didn’t hear him correctly,” so, I replayed that segment of the video.  And again, and again.  Using the first initials of the words the acronym should have been “NNGORI”.

Navy Next-Generation Outreach and Recruitment Initiative  (AGORA)

I then found the web page that explained the acronym.  The “a” in “Navy” was used.  The “N” in “Next-Generation” was not used, and the final (insult) letter, the “a” in “Initiative” was used.  The first “N” in “Navy” wasn’t used either.  Whomever came up with this acronym must have gone to the “GenX School of Acronym Makers” whose acronym is of course “NCAA.”

Why is this post entitled, “It Ain’t Barbecue Chicken?”  There is a post from several years ago when I visited a restaurant and ordered the Barbecue Chicken special.  It arrived, but it wasn’t Barbecue Chicken.  It was chicken cooked in tomato sauce.  The sauce was still runny, and was much like the “tomato-like” sauce in a can of pork-n-beans.  When things like this happen, you stop and begin to question the unquestionable standards on which you have based your life, up to that point.  What are the requirements for “barbecue chicken” to actually be considered “barbecue chicken”?

I think one of my requirements for barbecue chicken is that a thick, at least mildly sweet tomato based sauce, that may also have a smokey flavor has been baked on to the outside of the chicken so that it does not run off when you pick up the chicken.  You can cook the chicken in an oven, or on a grill, or maybe even on the stove top, but you couldn’t boil chicken in a pot of tomato sauce… unless you let it cook down until the sauce sticks to the chicken.

So, if you are the “Navy Next-Generation Outreach and Recruitment Initiative” and you want to used the word, “AGORA” as an acronmyn,…  DON’T!  It isn’t an acronym for that group of words or phrase.  You can’t pull out middle letters from the group of words to make an acronymn, but if you do… you are a moron.