Lunch Buffet @ Harris Teeter


[Asparagus, broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, carrots, green beans, squash, sauteed zucchini, mashed potatoes, pork chop.]

The Lunch Buffet at Harris Teeter has helped me get my Blood Glucose Level down to a manageable area.  The Brussels Sprouts above were not cooked enough, and the asparagus might have been a little overcooked (looked like wrinkly fingers after you have been in the water too long).  But, I think they cook in olive oil and the veggies have good flavor.  The pork chop had a little too much sweetness (pineapple), but I scraped some of that off.  I had a little mashed potatoes that is the “little cheat” needed to make it possible to keep on any diet for an extended time.  Just enough to remind you of how good it tastes, without too much carbohydrates to increase your blood sugar.

*I ate dinner at KFC last night, as a partial test.  I had the Senior Buffet which is about $8.09 including tax and drink.  I had slaw and tomatoes, both which were extremely sweet.  More than likely using sugar and not a sweetner.  I had green beans and about three pieces of chicken… an Original thigh & drum stick, and a baked thigh.  Seems like there was one more veggie, but I do not recall (wasn’t mashed potatoes).  But, I see from my weight 269.4, up from 269, and my BGL which was 140, up from 106, that I cannot include KFC in my restaurant rotation and meet my BGL needs.  Oh, well.

My plan for tonight’s dinner is pork, with Salsa Ranchera sauce by Herdez on the stove top.  Sauteed in olive oil.  I add onion, carrots, diced tomatoes and green bell pepper (other colors when I have them).  A little sweetner (Splenda) and this comes together well.  I make a cabbage & onion slaw and add some mayo and sweetner to that also.  The whole thing, low carb and satisfying!

Another HT Lunch Buffet that cost about $10.87.  The shrimp must have weighed a ton.