Wholly Smokin’ Restaurant

On my way to Savannah, to try and outrun the recent snow/ice storm, I stopped by Wholly Smokin’ Restaurant in Florence, SC to have an early dinner, about 4:30 pm on Friday.

20170106_164708There were no other customers when I arrived.  I was welcomed, and I sat near the back, on one side of the restaurant, but just before you get to the bar area.  A waitress  came to assist and I ordered unsweet tea, with sweetner.  I looked over the menu.  I think it was the pulled pork that I ordered, with sweet potato fries and slaw.  The slaw was more toward being savory, but I added a little sweetner to make it more likeable to my palette.

20170106_164711The waitress let me know that they also had a Jalapeno sauce and I asked for a small cup of that.  The hot sauce was good, and it was hot, but not too hot.

I enjoyed the sweet potato fries, which were a bright orange color.  The pulled pork was good also.

Yes.  This was a winner!