This worked well.

On stove top with olive oil.  I started with Hot Italian Sausage, large diced.  Sliced some onion thinly.  Added some fennel seeds and roasted garlic.  Sauteed all.  While this was starting to cook, I put a few raw Brussels Sprouts, halved, in a bowl with just a little water in the bottom.  I placed a plate over the top of the bowl and turned the microwave on for 3 minutes.  The sprouts were steamed just right at the end of 3 minutes, tender.  I placed the Brussels Sprouts in the pan with the Italian Sausage and onions and added a small amount of Balsamic vinegar in the pan with a spoonful of Splenda.

Separately, I had blended some diced tomatoes, with oregano, onion, roasted garlic, Splenda sweetner, avocado oil, and ground pepper.  This was basically a tomato salsa.

These two tastes worked well together.