I don’t have any corn on the cob Frogmore Stew…

guy-fieri-cookwareThis is done on the stove top, in a frying pan with olive oil.

potatoYou could start by dicing a small potato (I am cooking for one, and he is a Type 2 diabetic.), and boiling it partially to soften it.  While you do this, you can thaw frozen shrimp (from WalMart) in a bowl in the microwave.  You can also start frying some kielbasa-2Polska Kielbasa in the skillet (I slice mine into rounds.).  When you get a little frond on the sausage, you can add some whole kernel corn and let that and some onion Canned-Sweet-Cornstart to get a little flavor with the sausage.

Now I am in my Smoked Paprika stage, so I added this instead of Old Bay seasoning and it did just fine.  Garlic powder.  You spanish-sweet-paprikamight also add some dry Tarragon.

Check the potato and if it is almost tender, you can drain it and add to the skillet.   Stir to let the potato start to pick up some of the other flavors, and check the shrimp to see if they have thawed.

Add the shrimp to the skillet.  If you haven’t frozen-shrimpseasoned with salt & freshly ground pepper by now, shame on you.  Do it!

Bagged+kaleThis would work, as it is, but I also put some frozen kale in about the time that the smoked paprika went it.  Although frozen, the kale quickly melts and begins to pick up the other flavors.

I think I have tried adding Old Bay Seasoning, previously, and it just doesn’t work like it would if you have a large pot (and add some beer also).