Famous Toastery, Southern Pines, NC

Several months ago, Deborah Savage and I went to the Famous Toastery, in Southern Pines for breakfast.  She had a coupon.  It was a good breakfast experience.  I think I had a couple of eggs, probably over medium, bacon, hash browns and an English Muffin, with coffee.

Yesterday morning, I got up thinking that I wanted to have a special breakfast somewhere, other than the Rainbow.  The trip up to Southern Pines only took about 30 minutes.  *The traffic flow through Spring Lake has changed for the better.

The Famous Toastery was already busy by the time I made it there.  I had forgotten that it was Mother’s Day, which a waitress, at the end of my meal, mentioned.

I ordered coffee and water… two eggs over medium, bacon, hash browns, and an English Muffin.  The coffee is strong.  The eggs had a little runny white.  There were about 3 strips of bacon, and a couple of slices were burnt black with just a little brown, but still getting over my late Spring bout of flu, I could not tell if the burnt bacon tasted more like charcoal.  The hash browns are chunky, whole skin, potatoes, with a mild seasoning.  The catchup was almost out, but went well with the potatoes.  I added a little Texas Pete hot sauce to my potatoes… which poured out more quickly than it does from the narrow mouthed bottle.

Before my meal arrived, a waitress brought me a mildly sweet block of cornbread, with a small plastic cup of apple butter.  I tried the cornbread with my egg yolks, and later had a small spoonful of the apple butter.  Both delicious.  I also had some Blackberry jam with part of my English Muffin.  This is the same brand of jam that Cracker Barrel uses.

There were plenty of waitresses, many very young, mostly girls or young women.

At the end of my meal, one waitress asked if I wanted her to take my bill to the register… but first she needed to take some dishes to the back.  In the brief time, while she was taking the dirty dishes back, another young waitress took my bill and credit card to be paid.

The first, slightly older waitress came back and I told her that another waitress had taken my bill up to be paid.  She remained and we began to converse.  This is where I mentioned the large number of waitresses, and she reminded me that this was Mother’s Day.  I do not recall all that we talked about, but the conversation did linger, and when the receipt, to be signed was returned to me, I gave a fairly generous tip.

I did enjoy my visit to the Famous Toastery in Southern Pines again, and hope to return again, hopefully with Deborah, and maybe Russ.