Sometimes it is the individual pleasing components.

I was just thinking of what I might have for supper tonight, and wasn’t sure if I had any meat thawed.  I really don’t like to freeze meat, because I am always bad about planning ahead to thaw it out so that it will be ready for cooking when I come home at night.

But, then I began to run through the check list of what was already prepared:

  • One final helping of Chorizo, Chickpea & Kale soup (lots of Smoked Paprika in this one)
  • About a pint of home made salsa (fire roasted tomatoes, green bell pepper, cilantro, Vidalia onion, cumin seed, lime juice, agave nectar, Equal, turmeric, salt, ground pepper, hot sauce)
  • I’ve got some home made Thousand Island Dressing, which would go good on some cauliflower & Campari tomatoes.
  • I also bought some more Capricio de Cabra cheese and some sliced Jewish Rye bread.  This cheese is better when it is served at room temperature.