Pork Chops-n-Alfredo Sauce

bertolli-alfredo-sauce-jarI had some pork chops in the refrigerator and knew I needed to cook them before they spoiled.  I didn’t want to go the hot chipotle “Salsa Ranchera” route that I normally take, and I noted that I had an opened jar of Bertolli Alfredo Sauce.  Mary Ann gave me a couple of jars of this.

The picture of the pork chops in the pan, with the mushrooms isn’t mine, but it looks close enough to give you the idea of what you should be working toward.

I started with some olive Pan-Fried-Pork-Chops-with-Mushroom-Gravy

oil in the pan.  I also added some “old” truffle oil that I hardly ever use.  I started frying the pork chops and then added some chopped onions.  I added a healthy portion of dried Tarragon, some garlic powder, salt and freshly ground mixed pepper.

The pork chops browned and the onion turned translucent.  I added the Alfredo Sauce and strired.

In my first pan, I added some sliced, on the bias, carrots and almost immediately cut the heat.  This left the carrots still crunchy, which was a welcome addition to the end result.

I took a couple of pork chops, leaving one in the pan, and went to watch TV.  The flavor was carrots-biasedexcellent.

I decided to cook the rest of the pork chops in the package and started the process all over again… but, I then had the idea that adding some mushrooms to the mix would probably be good.  The mushrooms were a good idea.  The second batch went into a plastic container and into the fridge.

roasted-balsamic-tomatoesThis morning I awoke a little early and thought about baking some tomatoes in balsamic vinegar.  I actually use the broil setting.  I had about six Roma tomatoes, which I halved, and a few I quartered and arranged them in a small baking dish.  I added some salt & pepper, and then drizzled some dark balsamic vinegar over the lot.  I also added a little Agave Nectar, not much, and some Splenda, for more sweetness.

The mess chars on top and the vinegar reduces to a sweet thickness.  I put these in the fridge also.