S.I.F.A.T. Servants in Faith and Technology

S.I.F.A.T. (Servants in Faith and Technology -or- Southern Institute for Applied Technology)

In 1983/4 when I left Southern Seminary (without graduating) I headed down to eastern Alabama and lived and worked at S.I.F.A.T. (a Methodist institution) for about 11 months.  I am not a “people person” but they put up with me for the time.  I was 29/30 years old during the time, and learned to milk cows (Stephanie & Sugar), kill chickens (75 one morning, mostly with a machete) and even build a RAM pump.   We had an IBM PC and an external, 10 MB Winchester Hard Drive.   I transferred the VHS video into a digital form and then put it on YouTube in segments.  It is interesting that the video is now 30 years old, so for historical purposes it is probably important.

Alice was “the Goat Maiden of the Taledagas”