Laramie – “Run of the Hunted”

I like watching the re-runs of the TV Western, “Laramie”.  Fifty-six years after the program first aired, here it is again.

What is special about this episode?  Well, the first named actor I saw was Charles Bronson.  Then R. G. Armstrong and then Richard Kiel and to top it off, there is a house being used as an insane asylum, in which Charles Bronson is imprisoned, and I had to do a double take… It was the house that had been used as the Bates’ Home from Psycho, which was filmed the previous year in 1960.  [Psycho House Set and Laramie Street mid-1960’s]

I don’t have any corn on the cob Frogmore Stew…

guy-fieri-cookwareThis is done on the stove top, in a frying pan with olive oil.

potatoYou could start by dicing a small potato (I am cooking for one, and he is a Type 2 diabetic.), and boiling it partially to soften it.  While you do this, you can thaw frozen shrimp (from WalMart) in a bowl in the microwave.  You can also start frying some kielbasa-2Polska Kielbasa in the skillet (I slice mine into rounds.).  When you get a little frond on the sausage, you can add some whole kernel corn and let that and some onion Canned-Sweet-Cornstart to get a little flavor with the sausage.

Now I am in my Smoked Paprika stage, so I added this instead of Old Bay seasoning and it did just fine.  Garlic powder.  You spanish-sweet-paprikamight also add some dry Tarragon.

Check the potato and if it is almost tender, you can drain it and add to the skillet.   Stir to let the potato start to pick up some of the other flavors, and check the shrimp to see if they have thawed.

Add the shrimp to the skillet.  If you haven’t frozen-shrimpseasoned with salt & freshly ground pepper by now, shame on you.  Do it!

Bagged+kaleThis would work, as it is, but I also put some frozen kale in about the time that the smoked paprika went it.  Although frozen, the kale quickly melts and begins to pick up the other flavors.

I think I have tried adding Old Bay Seasoning, previously, and it just doesn’t work like it would if you have a large pot (and add some beer also).

Spanish Chorizo, Spinach & Garbanzo Bean Soup

15-palacios-dry-cured-chorizo-hotSeveral years ago, I bought some Spanish Chorizo Sausage (Palacios Chorizo Picante – Fresh Market | Publix).  Spanish Chorizo is dried and has a large amount of paprika.  I googled for a Chorizo soup and found a Chorizo and kale recipe.  This recipe was simple with Chorizo, kale and potatoes and some seasoning.  But, I don’t like kale as much as spinach, so I normally substitute spinach.  The soup’s surface reflects a ruby red color from the paprika.  I have also tried this with white beans instead of potatoes.

chorizo-picante-1-300x200I haven’t been completely happy with the last several times when I made this soup.  Today, I looked online for some other ingredients to add.

The basic recipe starts with Chorizo, onion and potatoes sauteed in a little olive oil in a pot on the stove top.   I now add a good portion of Smoked Paprika (Penzeys in Raleigh), some freshly ground pepper, onion flakes and garlic powder.  I added a little turmeric today, spanish-sweet-paprikaalong with some marjoram, tarragon and a few crushed red pepper flakes.  I forgot that I added freshly ground cumin.

But today, I googled for additional ingredients, and surprise… Garbanzo beans!  I normally do not like the texture of Garbanzo beans, especially in salads, but I usually have several cans of these beans in the cupboard because I found that I can make a delicious hummus at home.  So, I added a can of Garbanzo beans to this 604-2935-can-garbanzossoup today, and I was surprised at how delicious this made the soup.  All of the above ingredients came together for a very delicious soup.  It had good flavor and the dark green of the spinach, the white of the potato and beans, and the ruby red color from the paprika makes this an attractive soup also.



This is not a picture of the soup that I fixed, but it appears to be close enough to give you an idea.  My soup had more spinach and this soup may include tomatoes, but mine did not.  Also because of the extra paprika, mine had a darker red color.  *Well, it is obvious that my soup did not have a darker red color.chorizo-spinach-garbanzo-beans-soup

ADDENDUM:  Although I still make this soup with spinach, I now like kale better.  The spinach, especially canned spinach is too mushy, but still good flavor.



This worked well.

On stove top with olive oil.  I started with Hot Italian Sausage, large diced.  Sliced some onion thinly.  Added some fennel seeds and roasted garlic.  Sauteed all.  While this was starting to cook, I put a few raw Brussels Sprouts, halved, in a bowl with just a little water in the bottom.  I placed a plate over the top of the bowl and turned the microwave on for 3 minutes.  The sprouts were steamed just right at the end of 3 minutes, tender.  I placed the Brussels Sprouts in the pan with the Italian Sausage and onions and added a small amount of Balsamic vinegar in the pan with a spoonful of Splenda.

Separately, I had blended some diced tomatoes, with oregano, onion, roasted garlic, Splenda sweetner, avocado oil, and ground pepper.  This was basically a tomato salsa.

These two tastes worked well together.

Lunch Buffet @ Harris Teeter


[Asparagus, broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, carrots, green beans, squash, sauteed zucchini, mashed potatoes, pork chop.]

The Lunch Buffet at Harris Teeter has helped me get my Blood Glucose Level down to a manageable area.  The Brussels Sprouts above were not cooked enough, and the asparagus might have been a little overcooked (looked like wrinkly fingers after you have been in the water too long).  But, I think they cook in olive oil and the veggies have good flavor.  The pork chop had a little too much sweetness (pineapple), but I scraped some of that off.  I had a little mashed potatoes that is the “little cheat” needed to make it possible to keep on any diet for an extended time.  Just enough to remind you of how good it tastes, without too much carbohydrates to increase your blood sugar.

*I ate dinner at KFC last night, as a partial test.  I had the Senior Buffet which is about $8.09 including tax and drink.  I had slaw and tomatoes, both which were extremely sweet.  More than likely using sugar and not a sweetner.  I had green beans and about three pieces of chicken… an Original thigh & drum stick, and a baked thigh.  Seems like there was one more veggie, but I do not recall (wasn’t mashed potatoes).  But, I see from my weight 269.4, up from 269, and my BGL which was 140, up from 106, that I cannot include KFC in my restaurant rotation and meet my BGL needs.  Oh, well.

My plan for tonight’s dinner is pork, with Salsa Ranchera sauce by Herdez on the stove top.  Sauteed in olive oil.  I add onion, carrots, diced tomatoes and green bell pepper (other colors when I have them).  A little sweetner (Splenda) and this comes together well.  I make a cabbage & onion slaw and add some mayo and sweetner to that also.  The whole thing, low carb and satisfying!

Another HT Lunch Buffet that cost about $10.87.  The shrimp must have weighed a ton.


Art Deco Autos at the North Carolina Museum of Art

20161230_105502 20161230_105356_001 20161230_105001 20161230_104521 20161230_103716 20161230_102919It was probably about 5 years ago, before Leo Taylor took ill and died, that there was some kind of auto exhibit at the NC Museum of Art.  Leo and I talked about going, but something came up the first time we planned to go and then we never did get around to going before the exhibit was over.

I saw this new exhibit advertised several months ago on TV and thought about Leo, and thought that this time I would make an effort to go.  It was a cold, windy day, but I got there early, went to the bathroom and there was a short waiting line before I purchased my ticket.  I think the ticket cost about $20.

I walked toward the back of the building and found the elevator and made it downstairs.  There were a bunch of people milling about, but I managed to take pictures of most of the vehicles before leaving.

Wholly Smokin’ Restaurant

On my way to Savannah, to try and outrun the recent snow/ice storm, I stopped by Wholly Smokin’ Restaurant in Florence, SC to have an early dinner, about 4:30 pm on Friday.

20170106_164708There were no other customers when I arrived.  I was welcomed, and I sat near the back, on one side of the restaurant, but just before you get to the bar area.  A waitress  came to assist and I ordered unsweet tea, with sweetner.  I looked over the menu.  I think it was the pulled pork that I ordered, with sweet potato fries and slaw.  The slaw was more toward being savory, but I added a little sweetner to make it more likeable to my palette.

20170106_164711The waitress let me know that they also had a Jalapeno sauce and I asked for a small cup of that.  The hot sauce was good, and it was hot, but not too hot.

I enjoyed the sweet potato fries, which were a bright orange color.  The pulled pork was good also.

Yes.  This was a winner!

Movie/TV Locations

Bosch (Season 2) – Abandoned auto with dead body in trunk on Mulholland.,-118.4913151,3a,75y,203.24h,92.49t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sqxtqFb5KH-__x0eKnWOlEQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Bosch (Season 2) Bank parking lot shootout location.,-118.4443075,3a,75y,37.42h,86.11t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s_lpoTSoCliQ5TkNqFZGzkg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656




Goliath – Chez Jay Bar & Ocean Lodge Motel,-118.4932203,3a,60y,303.71h,88.37t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sM4rM__KL18_qFZ3b6rQkMA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Ocean Lodge Santa Monica



Pulp Fiction – River Glen Motel (no more),-118.2655577,3a,75y,267.22h,89.48t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sgkmiMHoiTf-8ZRIey0tmnQ!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656