YouTube Closed Captioning – How Easy is That!?!

I was listening to the Cool Teachers Podcast #36, and they mentioned (in passing) that there was a nice feature in YouTube that made it easy to append captions to your videos.  I’m not sure why I “glammed” onto that bit of info, since I have only uploaded two (now 3) test videos, and that sometime ago.

I had a short video that I had created a long time ago, showing how easy it was to create a professional looking video using Visual Communicator.  I pulled up the video and clicked on the Caption button (logged in).  I played the video several times to complete my transcription in Word (had to convert to a simple text file).

Take a look.  YouTube synced the timings after I uploaded the captions text file.  *I tried a somewhat longer video, and although not perfect, this process worked “darned well”.

This has got me looking at Dragon Naturally Speaking again (the Preferred Educational Version) because I want to try using that software to transcribe the audio ripped from a video.  I can use Cucusoft to rip the audio first, and Audacity to convert from mpeg to wav, if necessary before passing it through Naturally Speaking.  If it all works, it would be the really easy way to get Closed Captioning on alot of video quickly.  -bg2