The New K&W

About two weeks ago, I decided to go to K&W Cafeteria for lunch.  I had not been in a long time.  As I neared the location, the parking lot was abandoned and the grass had begun to grow high.  I felt a sense of melancholy and said to myself, “Well, they were like Sears…”  I regrouped and drove on to JKs Restaurant and while there googled and found that K&W had not gone out of business, but only moved across the street to a new location.

Day before yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit the new K&W.  I will write more of this when I have the time, but here are some pics.  A really nice change!

Corrugated tin ceiling tiles.  The same food choices as previously.  Very modern seating areas with large flat-screen TVs.


There is a separate Cafe section (below):