Art Deco Autos at the North Carolina Museum of Art

20161230_105502 20161230_105356_001 20161230_105001 20161230_104521 20161230_103716 20161230_102919It was probably about 5 years ago, before Leo Taylor took ill and died, that there was some kind of auto exhibit at the NC Museum of Art.  Leo and I talked about going, but something came up the first time we planned to go and then we never did get around to going before the exhibit was over.

I saw this new exhibit advertised several months ago on TV and thought about Leo, and thought that this time I would make an effort to go.  It was a cold, windy day, but I got there early, went to the bathroom and there was a short waiting line before I purchased my ticket.  I think the ticket cost about $20.

I walked toward the back of the building and found the elevator and made it downstairs.  There were a bunch of people milling about, but I managed to take pictures of most of the vehicles before leaving.